A note from the founder

Apart from the people close to me and the things I enjoy, I care about two greater things. The long-term survival of our species, and the health of our beautiful planet. Our only home.

In 2016 most of us know the significant global challenges of our planet. Global warming, poor air quality, rising acidity in our oceans, loss of forests and a rapid extinction rate are just a few. The collective behaviour of 7.2 billion people is the reason why. Future generations will ask if we just let it happen and wonder why we didn’t do more. We have changed the landscape and composition of our air a great deal in the last 100 years, but we still lack much capacity and tools to care for our planet.

Some time ago, I asked myself how I could do something significant and positive for the world. I realised that as one person I could not do much. However business has the power to create innovative, economically viable and scalable change. With time and business growth, the positive activity accumulates to have a significant effect. The key difference is to make decisions which are conscious, ethical and attracting people with aligned beliefs.

I believe it is possible to use business to give back without compromise on quality or design. JOACHIM is about doing something simple and doing it well. More responsibly and consciously than ever before. We enable you to have something beautiful today, and do something beautiful for tomorrow.

My love of interior design, horology and timber created JOACHIM: Plant the Planet™. The only clock which gives back.


Andre Joachim

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